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Profiles & Profits is a creative and energetic marketing and consulting company. Profiles & Profits rejuvenates existing businesses and companies as well as establishes profitable foundations for new businesses and companies. There is no task to small or account too large for us to manage, rejuvenate or develop. Profiles & Profits services are based on in the implementation of the Team of Excellence. Our core Team of Excellence includes Danny Khammar, marketing and revenue specialist; Eman Sleem our business infrastructure specialist and Hassan Elhassan our graphic designer and IT specialist. This core Team of Excellence partners with our on call Service Specialists. This partnership allows, Profiles & Profits to give the best service, the most creative marketing and an excellent foundation for growth whether it is an existing company or the foundation of a new company or business.

Profiles & Profits is your own in-house business specialist. We work with existing companies and businesses increasing their sales and profitability, even in these times of economic stress there is money to be made, profits to be accounted for and growth ready to happen.

The Team of Excellence at Profiles & Profits, breaks down your current policies and procedures, studies the businesses first impression and evaluates it to today’s market. Following the evaluation we then design a comprehensive marketing plan that will rejuvenate your business and assist in increasing your sales and profitability. Profiles & Profits can also be you mentor in establishing your dream business. Our on call extensive Service Specialist partnerships are readily available to assist you with all your rejuvenation, marketing and development needs. Profiles & Profits can also work with your existing business partnerships in the rejuvenation, marketing and development process. In both cases Profiles & Profits works as a general contractor for the success of your business.

There are sales to be made, profits to be accounted for and growth to develop. Profiles & Profits is here to assist you with your success, profitability and growth!!